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Here are a few examples of how a Cask-file might look like.

Emacs configuration

(source melpa)

(depends-on "auto-complete")
(depends-on "dash")
(depends-on "f")
(depends-on "flycheck")
(depends-on "helm")
(depends-on "magit")
(depends-on "popup")
(depends-on "projectile")
(depends-on "s")
(depends-on "smartparens")
(depends-on "yasnippet")

package development

(source melpa)

(package-file "super.el")

(files "super.el" "bin")

 (depends-on "el-mock")
 (depends-on "ecukes")
 (depends-on "ert-runner"))

I still don't get it, give me some real examples

These are some projects and configurations using Cask: